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New samples, new images.

We recently returned from another visit to Scotland - namely the Oban-Lorn area and the Isle of Arran.

Scotland is a very rich source of Bryophytes and it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes to see how many different species there are to be found. The climate helps a great deal coupled with the vast areas of undisturbed habitat. Needless to say, I found a few nice samples, got bitten by a couple of ticks, and we both had a great time there.

Below are a couple of images from our visit.

Now I have to fill out this site with more species and when this is done I will publicise it. If you are following this blog, please don't hesitate to write your own posts, ask questions or send me your Bryophyte images!

Polytrichum commune var. commune - Common Haircap growing on the boggy bank of a roadside drainage ditch, Gleann Salach - Barcaldine Forest - NM 97255 39148 - September, 2019.

Sphagnum capillifolium/subsp. rubellum - Acute-leaved/Red Bog-moss growing on steep wet bank, access road to Fearnoch Forest car park Lorn. NN 96944 32314 - September 2019..

Thuidium tamariscinum - Common Tamarisk-moss growing in coastal woodland, Clach Thoule, Port Appin, Lorn. September 2019

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