Ceratodon purpurea - Redshank
Ceratodon purpurea - Redshank

Photograph of Ceratodon purpurea (Redshank) with spores

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Polytrichum piliferum - Haircap
Polytrichum piliferum - Haircap

Photograph of Polytrichumpiliferm (Common Haircap)

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Polytrichum piliferum BristlyHaircap
Polytrichum piliferum BristlyHaircap

Photograph of Polytrichum piliferum Bristly Haircap

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Ceratodon purpurea - Redshank
Ceratodon purpurea - Redshank

Photograph of Ceratodon purpurea (Redshank) with spores

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Amphidium mougeotii Mougeot’s Yoke
Amphidium mougeotii Mougeot’s Yoke

Photograph iof Amphidium mougeotii Mougeot’s Yoke-moss

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Orthtrichum affine Wood Bristle-moss
Orthtrichum affine Wood Bristle-moss

Photograph of Orthtrichum affine (Wood Bristle-moss)

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Marchantia polymorpha female
Marchantia polymorpha female

Close-up photograph of the Archegonium (Female plant head) Marchantia polymorpha subsp. /ruderalis (Common Liverwort)

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Amphidium mougeotii Mougeot’s Yoke
Amphidium mougeotii Mougeot’s Yoke

Photograph iof Amphidium mougeotii Mougeot’s Yoke-moss

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Welcome to Bryophytes.co.uk

SITE LAST UPDATED: 01/04//2020

Bryophytes 'Moss' or 'Mosses'

You may just be inquisitive, already have an interest in or are thinking of getting more involved with these fascinating plants, then you should find something here to help you.

Bryophytes are a group of ancient plants that have been around on our planet much longer than we have.

The family is made up of three main groups - Mosses, Liverworts and Hornworts.

I will go into a bit more detail in the Beginner's Section.

If you just like to look at interesting images of plants - there is plenty here for you too.

Explore the site and get in touch if there is something you would like included or, as is always possible, I have made a mistake!

There is also a Blog to browse or write in and your own images are always welcome here.


NEWS - 01/04/2020

New drawing - Scapania undulata by Nils Ambec added to his gallery.
A Gallery of Liverwort Drawings by Nils Ambec added to the site.
Look-Up list updated 13/03/2020
The Main Gallery revision is now complete with 170 entries representing 116 different species.
I haven't attempted to count how many images that includes!
 Warren Maguire and Alison Davies have kindly allowed me to use many of their excellent images to boost the variety represented here.
Future new additions to the Gallery will include species obtained at Sudbury in Derbyshire on a recent visit with Tom Blockeel  and others from Scotland.
I  just need to sit down and work them up, something I am looking forward to after spending so much time on the gallery update.
I also intend to complete 'Identifying Bryophytes Part 2'.
Please contact me if you have any issues using the site or would like to ask any questions.


Whether it is a reference image or a species identification question,
Bryophyte Images are always welcome here.
Contributors are listed below.
Please note:
All contributor images are  copyrighted  and  all original photographer's rights are reserved.


Nils Ambec

Liverwort Drawings


Alison Davies

Reference images

Contributor during site construction


Warren Maguire 

Reference Images


  • 03/01/2020 Calypogea integristipula wrongly identified. Now verified as Calypogea muelleriana - images updated and now integrated into one gallery.

  • 05/01/2020 - Sphagnum Strictum removed - was actually Sphagnum subnitens.

  • 05/01/2020  - Syntrichia laevipila removed - was actually Tortula muralis which was already present.

  • 05/01/2020  - Lejeunia cavifolia re-identified by Des Callaghan as Marchesinia mackaii - MacKay’s Pouncewort - still a liverwort but a different species. All captions amended to new ID.

Old News


Gallery back online again after major

issues when re-building it!

Watch this space.


Featured images Llam Dorji

01/01/2020 - Site Launched


I would like to express my thanks to everybody who has helped me with their time, knowledge and experience in the last three years of my own walk along the bryophyte Trail. They have always been ready to advise me on the best ways to turn along the trail.

  •  Carl Farmer

Chairman of Lorn Natural History Group, Vc 98 Recorder and stalwart of Argyll Biological Records.

  • Stuart Gibson

Dedicated Naturalist on the Isle of Mull with an extensive knowledge of Botany, Lichens and Bryophytes. 

  • The Late John Sawyer

Formerly of the National Biodiversity Network and Wild Mull organisation who was dedicated to promoting all species on the Isle of Mull, including Bryophytes. His enthusiasm knew no bounds. 

  • Dr Des Callaghan

Bryophyte Consultant and photographer par excellence. You will see many of his images in the BBS Field Guide. 

  • Dr David Genney

Scottish Natural Heritage and Royal Botanic garden Edinburg. 

  • John O'Reilly

PTYXIS Ecology 

John is British Bryological Society (BBS) vice-county recorder for south Northumberland (VC67) 

  • Gordon Rothero

BBS Conservation Officer 

  • Martin Godfrey

BBS President (2019), BBS Education Officer and MIDBRYO Group expert  

  • Karen Rogers

Midbryo  Group Bryologist 

  • Tom Blockeel

BBS Recorder (Mosses) and Vc Recorder for Derbyshire 

  • George Grieff

Specialist in the Bryophyte Flora of the Isle of Wight and fungal parasites on Bryophytes. 

  • David Wagner

CEO, Senior Scientist at Northwest Botanical Institute Oregon, USA